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Bushes, suspension and steering

Rubber bushes are used nowadays on the majority of vehicles to isolate and dampen road noise whilst at the same time allowing suspension and steering components some flexibility and movement.

Problems begin when the bushes deteriorate or become unbonded, when this happens the suspension component is no longer retained in its correct position, excessive movement occurs and noise increases.

The above are all examples from the front suspension, the rear suspension can also have rubber bushes and mountings, again when the bush deteriorates excessive movement and noise occurs. Laguna-rear- subframe

The above image is that of a Laguna rear arm mounting bush.

Also subject to checking for excessive movement  are the rubber bushes that steering racks can be mounted with, again the criteria when being checked is is there excessive movement or is the component insecure. The image below is of a pair of new steering rack mounting bushes beside a pair of worn bushes, two pairs are needed to mount the rack in this case a 54 reg mercedes c class.c-class_steering

In the above case the steering rack was moving enough to cause the ESP light to illuminate and for the ECU to limit the power produced by the engine.

Since the 20th of this month the ESP light being illuminated is a reason for rejection (failure)


Something different

Another vehicle presented for test with a damaged wheel rim. However no visible scrapes or gouges on the outside of the wheel , no visible damage to the outside of the tyre, but when checking the wheel from underneath, the flatspot on wheel rim was immediately visible. Quite possibly the carcase of the tyre is also damaged. When running the roller brake test, the flatspot on the wheel rim was noted as a squirming sensation, noticeable when the brake at that wheel was being tested. The poor potholed condition of the roads locally is most likely reponsible for the slowly increasing incidences we’re seeing of this problem.

Also found this week when rectifying the excessive smoke from a 2006 Peugeot diesel, the air filter shown below was changed, surprisingly the vehicle wasn’t too far over the limit thanks to the emissions control electronics, had it been a non electronic controlled emissions system, it would have required changing far earlier in it’s life.  A lack of   servicing lead to this being missed, on this vehicle, to reach the filter required the removal of the windscreen wipers and scuttle panel.

And to a fairly common failure , a worn out suspension bush found on a Ford Ka allowing excessive movement, in this case found at the front of the suspension arm, usually the problem bush is to the rear of the suspension arm.

This type of problem commonly leads to abnormal tyre wear too, so if your tyre shows unusual wear patterns, then get the tyre fitter to have a quick look at the visible suspension components. It could save  you more money in the long run

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