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This weeks crop

Several items of interest this week, the first is regarding seat belts and their associated mountings.

When a seat belt is attached to the seat, then the seat mountings are checked for security and corrosion in the surrounding area.

On checking a seat on a Ford Ka it was noted that the seat seemed to move a little more than normal when rocked lightly. As the mat above the seat mount was easily lifted, then a further check was simple and disclosed the securing bolt sat beside the seat bracket.

The vehicle presenter had no idea that there was a problem. The vehicle had been regularly serviced by the main dealer and as far as she was aware the seat had never been removed.

The second item concerns standards of corrosion repairs.

A Nissan micra in for MoT had previously had a repair to the rear sill because of corrosion, looking at the repair from outside the vehicle there were signs of welding with a thin skim of body filler and paint to tidy the repair up. The repair felt sound and didn’t “give” under thumb pressure.

Inspection from underneath revealed however that the bottom edge of the patch had had no weld applied at all. The testing standard for patch repairs requires that the repair should be seam welded along every edge.

The third item comes from a vehicle we had in for repair as the brakes felt spongey and was losing brake fluid. On inspection it was immediately obvious a rear brake hose was bulging, we’d had no need to apply pressure to see the problem.

The inner core ofthe hose had deteriorated and was allowing fluid to seep under the outer rubber covering, had it been on a front brake the outer covering would probably have split and caused a serious brake balance problem.

This second image shows how badly the outer covering had stretched when the fluid had seeped into it.


Seat belts.

Had a nice old 1954 Bentley in for Mot today, has been kept up together. The owner has had inertia reel seatbelts fitted into the front of the vehicle. The driver’s seatbelt appears to have  been extended, but dangerously by using a friction buckle set up.A vehicle of this age does not have to have seatbelts fitted, see however as the belt  was fitted it had to be checked and had to conform to MOT standards, .

If he’d removed the seatbelt before the test I’d have been none the wiser and he could have gone away with a pass.

Seat belts

Recently I’ve had occasion to fail vehicles with cut and restitched seat belts, bearing in mind seat belts are there for your safety, why anyone should risk driving with a few strands of cotton between them and the windscreen in the case of an accident I have no idea. Cut belt This belt was in the rear of a vehicle, with evidence of a child having used the rear seat.

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