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Airbag lights

Since 20th march the airbag/srs light indicating a fault is a reason for rejection, however if the light doesn’t illuminate it’s only an advisory item, very odd.

However we had an 02 Renault Clio in for an Mot with the airbag light lit up. The presenter a little bit peeved when told it is a fail as it has been like it for the last 2 mots and never been a problem before.

I think he was visualising a huge bill for airbag replacement, we’ve all heard stories of figures of £500+ for an airbag being replaced. However such a bill wasn’t necessary, once the diagnostic scanner was connected the fault was identified as being the drivers side sensor short circuited. When peering under the drivers seat it was noted the carpet was wet, once the sensor was located and looked at with a light there was an obvious rust stain on the side of the sensor.

A replacement sensor had to be ordered from france, took about a week but it only cost approx £31 plus diagnostic and fitting to put the airbag light out. A lot better than £500.


Old sensor removed from it’s original location attached to the sill.

The cause of the wet floor was established as the sunroof drain tubes blocked, these were blown through to clear them, a wet vac and valet recommended to dry out the floor mats, and to keep a check on the wetness of the floor mats and to return if dampness builds up again

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