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Mot Changes

The changes to the mot caused by the implementation of EU directive 2010/48/EU finally go live on 20th March 2013. These are

For Class 4, 5 and 7 vehicles:
 Headlamp levelling and cleaning devices when fitted for HID or LED headlamps
 Main beam ‘tell-tale’ warning

 Battery (including batteries for electric or hybrid vehicles)
 Electrical wiring and connectors
 Trailer electrical socket security and damage
 Operation of 13-pin trailer electrical sockets using an approved trailer socket tester
 Operation of the steering lock (where fitted) including a malfunction warning in
respect of an electronic steering lock
 Electronic power steering malfunction indicator lamp
 Electronic parking brake control and malfunction indicator lamp
 Electronic Stability Control (ESC) components, including the switch (if fitted) and
malfunction warning
 Brake fluid warning lamp illuminated or inoperative
 Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)
 SRS components including airbags, seat belt pre-tensioners, seat belt load limiters
and SRS malfunction warning lamp
 Engine mountings
 Speedometer
 Indirect vision devices (where they replace obligatory mirrors )

I don’t think it will increase my workload by a great deal as most of the items will be noticed when carrying out other checks anyway, it will just be a case of noting them down officially now.

The AA have a page listing the changes in greater detail.

There is also interesting reading at uk


Classic vehicles to be exempt.

From 18th November 2012 owners of classic vehicles will no longer need to have their vehicles subjected to an Mot.

DfT Press release

An interesting statistic from that release

Pre-1960 licensed vehicles make up about 0.6% of the total number of licensed vehicles in Great Britain, but are involved in just 0.03% of road casualties and accidents.


“Owners of classic vehicles will still be legally required to ensure that they are safe and in a proper condition to be on the road

The owners of the classic vehicles that  I see, generally expect their vehicles to pass, but do like to have a second opinion on a “just in case I’ve missed something”  basis.

Matters of testing issue 53

The latest edition of matters of testing is available to view or download at

it is also worthwhile browsing or downloading the special notices available at as they give some indication of  forthcoming changes to the mot scheme

Mot certificate changes

Since the installation of laser printers has now been completed in all Mot testing stations, the format of the mot test certificate is to change.
No longer will there be green for a pass, red for a fail and orange for the advisory notice, instead from October 16th 2012, the mot documents will be printed on plain paper. examples of the new documents can be found on vosa test forms .

As can be seen the new plain paper test certificate will be printed in landscape format with the details of advisories also printed, I understand the same will apply in the case of the failure notice, although there is no example of the Vt30 on the above site.

Say no to 4-2-2

The current government are still considering a change to the mot scheme by extending the period between mot tests, even though the previous government decided against it after examining the options.

Should this happen we could find vehicles in a dangerous condition for a further 12 months compared to now.

Some examples.

A tyre badly worn through to the cords,
The following example of corrosion found on a Subaru Justy had an advisory notice issued 12 months ago, regarding the corrosion now bad enough to fail.

The pale blue you see in the centre of the image above  is the inside of the chassis above the rear subframe mount, heavy braking could well have caused the subframe to break away causing serious loss of control. I was unable to complete the test and abandoned the test as I could not complete a brake efficiency test.

On to  another vehicle, approx 3 months ago an advisory notice was issued with regard to the rear brake pads wearing thin. Returned to us this last week to have the brake pads replaced.
As you can see from the above image one of the pads has had the metal backing worn to half of it’s original thickness, it must have been grinding away warning the driver of the problem for at least 500 miles.

It seems that the advisory notice is totally ignored, the necessary repairs aren’t done because of cost constraints, but how much more expensive is replacing the car after an accident, or even a fatality?

Many drivers seem to be of the opinion that as the vehicle has passed it’s MOT it is good for another 12 mths without any maintenance.

The MOT is only a check that certain components met a minimum laid down standard at the time of the test 

If 4-2-2 testing becomes a reality we could see a lot more vehicles in this condition on the road.

Sign the  petition at and voice your opposition to the proposed change.

Matters of testing

The new matters of testing magazine published by Vosa is available to download now.

matters of testing may 2011

This issue contains news of forthcoming changes to the mot test.

There is also information for owners of quad bikes who have a hydraulic parking brake, this has to be replaced by a mechanically operated system for the next test.

mot change proposals

Daily telegraph
Regular readers of this blog will realise why I’m not in favour of the government’s proposals.
The other interesting item in that article

Analysts have also suggested that reduced testing could lead to 30 extra road deaths per year.

The last Dft study (2008) on the same subject concluded that several hundred  fatal accidents could occur annually. Mot Evidence base

Why the sudden change in statistics.??

Could politics be behind the sudden lack of fatalities???

Mot price increase

from April 6th 2010 maximum mot fees are as shown below

of vehicle
Class 1 and 2
Motorbicycle £29.65
with sidecar
Class 3
Wheeled Vehicles (up to 450kg U.L.W)
Class 4 £54.85

(up to eight passenger seats) and Motor Caravans
Wheeled Vehicles (over 450kg U.L.W.)
(max. U.L.W 400kg – for goods vehicles 550kg and
max. net power 15kW)
Purpose Vehicles
Hire Vehicles and PSVs (up to 8 seats)
Vehicles (up to 3000kg D.G.W.)
and Taxis
Passenger Vehicles and Ambulances (9 – 12 passenger seats)
Class 4 A £64.00
seat belt installation check (9 – 12 passenger seats)
Class 5 £59.55
Passenger Vehicles and Ambulances (with 13 or

more passenger seats)

than 16 passenger seats, Playbuses
Class 5 A Includes
seat belt installation check
–16 passenger seats
than 16 passenger seats
Class 7
Vehicles (over 3000kg up to 3500kg)
retest fee
Halftest fee

fee for duplicate test certificate

Of particular interest is the partial retest fee at ‘Half test fee’, if you are offered a ‘Free Mot ‘as part of a maketing ploy/excercise,
if it should fail and you repair the vehicle yourself, on retest, you should not have to pay, after all half of £0.00 =£0.00. I wonder how
they will make their profit.

A quiet month

This month seems to be fairly quiet MOT testing work wise.
Not sure what to put this down to, school holidays perhaps, the government car scrappage scheme or even a hangover from the days when registrations changed in August.
Perhaps it’s the calm before a storm, Sept 2006 (56 plate) vehicles need an MOT next month.

Have had one customer in for an MOT who is taking advantage of the scrappage scheme.
There is apparently a requirement that a car has to have a current MOT when the new one is taken delivery of. He did place his order whilst there was still time left on his current MOT,  but he doesn’t take delivery until the beginning of next month, so he’s had to have a new Mot on the vehicle he’s using for the scrappage scheme.

Seems a bit ridiculous to me, get a new MOT on a vehicle to scrap it, very eco friendly I think?

Mot manuals available online

The mot tester’s manual is now available online for the general public to read if they are interested

Ever wondered how an mot tester tests and makes decisions on pass or fail for the items he is testing?

You can now read how he tests the items and the criteria by which he makes his pass/fail decisons.

Mot testers manuals online

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