Some more on corrosion

This week we have had a Wreg Ford Ka, not a bad example of it’s species, no real problems except for some corrosion to the seat mounting area.

The underseal had cracked around the seat mount, asking my assistant in the car to move around on the seat revealed flexing of the floor at this point, removing a thumbnail flake of underseal revealed a small pinhole in the floor.

When carrying out the repair however, what appeared to be a small repair became a lot worse as removing the seat and carpet in the area revealed a large area of fibreglass smoothed to look like seam sealer and painted to match the rest of the floor.

The extent of the repair needed

I previously mot’d the vehicle last year and only mechanical problems were found, I obviously missed the fibreglass underneath the seat mount and carpet, and no problems were visible in this area when checking the underside from underneath the vehicle. we haven’t seen this vehicle except for these 2 mots but the owner is not mechanically minded so unlikely to have made this fibreglass repair. The previous owner had sold it on with 3 mths left on the mot, for the time and artistic effort involved, at that stage it would probably have been cheaper to have it welded up properly.


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