Suspension Components

A number of suspension component failures have cropped up recently, beginning with a Nissan Micra 09 reg rear shock absorber, the wording of the Rfr is “serious fluid leak”. As can be seen in the image the dirt and dust on the whole shock absorber body and lower bush area has a damp wet look whilst the other components in the vicinity have a uniform dry dusty look to them, a sure sign the fluid is coming from the shock.

Surprisingly Nissan claim that this is fair wear and tear, so their 3 yr warranty doesn’t apply to this item. On an under 3yrs and under 24,000 ml vehicle ??

We also had a VW  Passat with a split cv boot for repair, the owner of the vehicle had looked under the vehicle and hadn’t been able to see the split, I took this image during the repair, because on these vehicles it is difficult to see the split in situ.

A customer brought in a 02 Renault Laguna complaining of a rubbing sound and smell of burning rubber, we put the vehicle on the ramp, and a quick look revealed the source of the noise and smell. The darker black ring is caused by the spring rubbing on the tyre.

A broken coil spring rubbing on the inside sidewall of the tyre and also touching the wheel rim.

The polished area of the spring is where it was rubbing on the tyre,

As a matter of course we also checked on the other side of the same axle and this revealed a crack in the base of the other coil spring, not easily seen, as the lower end of the spring is encased in a rubber sleeve, however the broken section moved easily when wiggled by hand and is slightly out of position.

A final coil spring on the rear of a Peugeot 207, 07 reg, the rubber spring seat out of position a sure sign that the lower section of coil is missing.


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