Illegal tyres and penalties

This week we had a vehicle in with the tyre below fitted, before commencng the test it was noticed that the tyre was underinflated and had a split in it.

A view of the tread pattern shows severe wear at both edges of the tyre usually a sign that the tyre is being run underinflated

Normally the tread covers the whole tyre width as the image below shows along with the position of wear indicator bars

Also on the vehicle was a bald rear tyre.

We’d previously had the vehicle in 3 months ago for other work and had advised the owner about the 2 tyres and that he needed to rectify the problem before they got worse.

Had he been stopped by the police for a routine check he could have been facing a fine up to £2500 and 3 points on his licence for each tyre, quite apart from the risk with his and other peoples lives he was running.
For tyre advice a number of links are below


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  1. on

    hi im curious as to how only the centre 3/4 of tread is the only part of the tyre that falls into the fail critera unless cords are exsposed or tyre is split when its quite clear that a tyre bold at the inner or outer edge is having more contact with the road than the rest of the tyre surely the evidence in front of you is enough proof for a change in the tyre law of only the centre 3/4 counts especially as the tyre is more likely to suffer a blow out and then it coud all be to late .

  2. an Mot tester on

    Something that is stranger take the case of minibuses
    a passenger-carrying vehicle with more than 8 passenger seats excluding the driver’s seat
    Only require 1mm across the whole tyre width section 4.1E

    but could be bald on the outer edges if the original tread pattern didn’t extend to the shoulder of the tyre

    But to change this changes would have to go through parliament, the airbag light is a case in point, this has been held up as some vehicles will have to be exempt ie rally cars some disabled users vehicles and several others

    • on

      it just seems to me that there is more than enough evidence available to argue the need for change but because it has to go through parliament its all just to much trouble sometimes somethings are worth fighting for and as a real and dangerous health and safety issue im amazed that it has not been sorted already so i guess there is not a big enough pair off scissors to cut through the red tape hay ho crash bang wallop.

  3. eric roberts on

    hi the tyre check on the MOT test makes me cringe, the number of tyres that we have had to advise on is ridiculous , when they are bordering on the legal limit. thanks eric roberts

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