Classic vehicles to be exempt.

From 18th November 2012 owners of classic vehicles will no longer need to have their vehicles subjected to an Mot.

DfT Press release

An interesting statistic from that release

Pre-1960 licensed vehicles make up about 0.6% of the total number of licensed vehicles in Great Britain, but are involved in just 0.03% of road casualties and accidents.


“Owners of classic vehicles will still be legally required to ensure that they are safe and in a proper condition to be on the road

The owners of the classic vehicles that  I see, generally expect their vehicles to pass, but do like to have a second opinion on a “just in case I’ve missed something”  basis.


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  1. eric roberts on

    hi as a test station owner i am not sure what the government are thinking about i just do not get it ?? eric roberts

  2. an Mot tester on

    In the latest matters of testing there is the following text

    The evidence from MOT Comp
    suggests that only 80,000 out of a
    total of 28 million vehicle tests are
    for pre-1960 vehicles, so this
    should have very little impact
    on the overall MOT trade.

    I test approx 20 pre 1960 vehicles each year, the owners all state they’ll continue to have the vehicle tested as a safeguard that they haven’t missed anything. I’m sure the insurance companies will get into this and possibly require some form of proof of maintenance or safety check annually.

    • eric roberts on

      hi i do see your point we test the old cars and owners say that they will still carry on having some type of test but why bother doing this in the first place, they should have left well alone thanks eric roberts

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