Don’t shoot the messenger.

As above please, we’re only doing our job, for your safety.

We had a vehicle presented this week for test, on beginning the test the abs light was illuminated indicating a fault with the abs system, the only reason for rejection noted. As normal we contacted the young lady and explained that it was a fail for this reason.The young lady told us the light wasn’t illuminated when she left it but that it occasionally came on and stayed on for a day or two.we made the offer to plug in the diagnostics machine to read the fault codes and extinguish the lamp, if it stayed out we could then retest and issue a pass, or she could take it away and return when the light was out for retest. She chose the first option, we extinguished the light, made note of the fault codes for her and issued the pass. Fine you would think, job done.

However 40 minutes later I had a call from her partner accusing me of putting the light on ! When I explained the light was on at the beginning of the test he told me I was lying, at this point I handed the phone over to the boss who went through the same explanation with the same result.

Contrary to what some people appear to believe Mot testers don’t make up their own reasons to fail a vehicle, we’re not out to rip people off doing unnecessary work, it’s just not worth the damage to our reputation.

When the bill was presented with the diagnostics listed as free of charge, there were no thanks or an apology for her partner’s attitude.

Other items this week, a Ford Ka presented with a leaking brake pipe union, sometimes we find this after a brake pipe has been changed and not checked with the brakes applied. What was unusual was the brake pipe appeared to be the original and no signs of work having taken place to account for the leak.

Some new reasons for rejection have been applicable since the beginning of the year with regards to ball joint rubber boots. This one was on an 03 Corsa anti roll bar link.

“… a balljoint rubber boot deteriorated no longer preventing the ingress of dirt etc”

seen removed from the vehicle , yup I think dirt will get in there


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