Say no to 4-2-2

The current government are still considering a change to the mot scheme by extending the period between mot tests, even though the previous government decided against it after examining the options.

Should this happen we could find vehicles in a dangerous condition for a further 12 months compared to now.

Some examples.

A tyre badly worn through to the cords,
The following example of corrosion found on a Subaru Justy had an advisory notice issued 12 months ago, regarding the corrosion now bad enough to fail.

The pale blue you see in the centre of the image above  is the inside of the chassis above the rear subframe mount, heavy braking could well have caused the subframe to break away causing serious loss of control. I was unable to complete the test and abandoned the test as I could not complete a brake efficiency test.

On to  another vehicle, approx 3 months ago an advisory notice was issued with regard to the rear brake pads wearing thin. Returned to us this last week to have the brake pads replaced.
As you can see from the above image one of the pads has had the metal backing worn to half of it’s original thickness, it must have been grinding away warning the driver of the problem for at least 500 miles.

It seems that the advisory notice is totally ignored, the necessary repairs aren’t done because of cost constraints, but how much more expensive is replacing the car after an accident, or even a fatality?

Many drivers seem to be of the opinion that as the vehicle has passed it’s MOT it is good for another 12 mths without any maintenance.

The MOT is only a check that certain components met a minimum laid down standard at the time of the test 

If 4-2-2 testing becomes a reality we could see a lot more vehicles in this condition on the road.

Sign the  petition at and voice your opposition to the proposed change.


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