Electrical accessory fitting

On Friday as part of my days work I had a Ford Fiesta to Mot and came across a poor and potentially dangerous example of accessory fitting.
The Live supply was connected to the positive terminal of the battery , logically enough, and the supply was fitted with an inline fuse. However the routing of the live wire was across the battery hold down clamp,  then the live wire was pressed in beside the earth (negative) terminal of the battery, both of these areas prior to the inline fuse, presenting a potential short circuit without any form of circuit protection.
Chafing at these points would lead to a very real possibility of a fire under the bonnet or even an explosion if hydrogen gas is present from the battery charging.
On pointing this out to the vehicle presenter, thinking perhaps the young lady’s boyfriend had fitted the accessory, I was shocked to learn that a national retailer of car parts and accessories, cycles and auto centres,  had fitted the accessory in question.
A re-routing and extra insulation in the form of rubber fuel hose fitted over the live wire provided a temporary safety fix until the problem could be properly rectified.
Currently there is no reason for rejection of such items on the Mot although it was dangerous to drive as presented.
Under the proposed new rules coming in on Jan 1st 2012 , there will  be a reason for rejection. Section “a” I think will cover it
"2. Electrical wiring:
a. insecure or inadequately supported so that it is likely to become damaged

b. damaged or deteriorated to the extent that it is likely to cause a short circuit or become 

c. insulation damaged or deteriorated to the extent that bare wiring is exposed."
Hopefully the young lady returned to the establishment to have the problem properly rectified.
I’ve contacted the PR and customer services department of the company concerned and will let you know of any updates or replies returned.
It seems that Halfords are not bothered by shoddy or dangerous work leaving their premises as I’ve heard absolutely nothing from them since first posting this.

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