Suspension and prescribed areas

A number of items have cropped up this last week, a broken coil spring seems to be a regular occurrence, this one seen on a Renault Clio
In it’s normal position, rather than wheels free, the break was hardly noticeable, however once jacked up it was immediately spotted.

Following on from springs another regular occurrence are suspension arm bushes, the following images are from a ‘Y’ reg Honda Civic.
Again on initial viewing of it, it didn’t appear too bad, however on inspection of the underside of the arm it was clear that the bonding on the bush had failed allowing excessive movement, as the arm moved up and thus contacting the front subframe, leading to a heavy knocking over bumps. The same vehicle also had a problem with 2  antiroll bar links having become detached at the balljoints.Which were also making a characteristic knock over small bumps.

Then we had a Mazda MX5 suffering with some tinworm, the outer sills seem to suffer just forward of the rear wheel arches,Further inspection also revealed excessive corrosion to the sill closing panels inside the rear wheel arches, not something the owner would be expected to notice under normal circumstances.
All of the above would be spotted in good time if the vehicles were regularly serviced.


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