Flexible brake hoses and routing

We’ve had  a transit in for extensive welding and to replace a front suspension ball joint on a vehicle that had been tested elsewhere. Initially, when it came in, knowing that I’d have to complete a full test once the repairs were completed, I had a quick look around  underneath. I thought a brake hose had something amiss, however the hose had recently been replaced so at this point I didn’t pay a great deal of attention to it.

On removal of the front wheel to perform the replacement of the ball joint I noticed the flexible hose was severely chafed.

On closer inspection it was obvious the hose had been bolted to the suspension strut incorrectly and when the vehicle was in use the hose was rubbing on the wheel rim, in a fairly short period of time the hose would have worn through leading to a complete loss of braking to this wheel.

When testing I always  feel along the hose automatically in case of bulges not easily visible, but, better to have discovered it before testing it rather than during the test.


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