More worn out pads

We had a Peugeot 306 in for mot this week, one of the front tyres needed replacing so the owner got us to fit the spare, however on removing the wheel we  were confronted with brakepads almost to the metal.
the pads were so low that on one the friction material had begun to break away
fortunately the customer was on site so we were able to show him how bad they were and thus get his permission to replace the pads. With the wheel in place it was impossible to see how far down the pads were worn except to say they were close to the metal. Without being able to see the pads properly we could not fail them as the benefit of doubt must go to the vehicle presenter.

It seems that as times are getting harder more and more car owners are treating the Mot as a scheduled service, which is a little short sighted and perhaps dangerous as Mot standards are an absolute minimum standard required for safety.


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