Prescribed areas

Corrosion and prescribed areas.

The Mot Tester’s manual,appendix C describes a prescribed  area.

“Certain areas of the vehicle structure are particularly important for the safety of a vehicle. Particular attention must be paid to these areas during an inspection.

These areas are:
· The load bearing parts of the vehicle to which thetestable items defined in Sections 2, 3 and 5 of the Inspection Manual are mounted, and
any load bearing or supporting structure or supporting panelling within 30cm of the mounting location.”

Sections 2,3 and 5  refer to steering and suspension, brakes and seatbelts.

Excessive corrosion is described as

· The corrosion has caused a hole in the metal, or

· it is weakened to the extent that by finger and thumb pressure it does not feel sound, or
· finger and thumb pressure or use of the  Corrosion Assessment Tool causes a hole.

Some corrosion may actually fall into 2 different categories such as this sill on a Nissan Micra, the corrosion falls within the seat belt mounting area and the rear suspension mounting area.rusted outer sill

Therefore on the vt30 failure notice the same corrosion will be referenced as 2 reasons for rejection, seatbelts and suspension although only one repair is actually needed.


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