More on brakes

Corroded brake pipes Two more examples of brake pipe corrosion, oddly enough both from BMWs and both on the offside rear of the car. The first on a 02 BMW M3 corroded bmw brake pipe As can be clearly seen the corrosion has penetrated deep enough and caused the steel to begin to flake away. The following example was on a W reg BMW 320d bmw brake pipe The rust hasn’t penetrated to any extent into the steel, a quick rub down with a bit of steel wool and a coating of oil or grease will prevent needing replacement for another couple of Mots. BMWs do seem more prone to corrosion of the brake pipes on the offside rear than anywhere else.

Brake pads and seized calipers

A Nissan Micra failed the test with a brake binding on the offside front wheel, although the wheel was able to rotate by hand  it needed a fair amount of effort to move it. When we removed the wheel to undertake the repair we found one of the pads almost down to the metal and the other only slightly worn.brake caliper and pads

The outer pad was seized in the pad carrier and was constantly applied to the disc leading to uneven wear of the pads, surprisingly this didn’t cause any imbalance when the brakes were tested in the roller brake tester. However the caliper on the nearside was actually sticking  where it slides on pins. Thus the seizure on one side balanced out the seizure on the other.

Had the outer pad been visible with the wheel in place then the brakes would have failed owing to being worn below 1.5mm. The view from underneath told a completely false story as regards the pad wear. Had the brakes not failed because of the binding in perhaps less than a month the outer pad would have been grinding on the disc.


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