Excessive wheel bearing play

A Ford Mondeo  (P reg) arrived for an MOT today with the usual problems for it’s age, some corrosion to the outer sill, worn bushes in a suspension arm. What wasn’t immediately visible was a corroded brake pipe, but the leak was visible dripping off of the fuel tank.

Then when checking the front suspension some play was detected in the wheel bearing.

I’d been expecting to find a problem with the suspension as when turning the steering wheel to drive onto  the ramp I had heard a clunk and had thought perhaps a broken spring.

With the brake pipe problem and this bearing play I abandoned the test as I couldn’t continue and complete  the brake test.

On explaining the reasons for abandoning the test to the vehicle owner, he told me the knocking sound had been there since hitting a stone when the snow was around ! He’s been driving it like this for 6 weeks !!

Even after explaining it was dangerous to drive and should only be taken away on a suspended tow or on a low loader he disregarded the advice and drove it away!


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  1. realmandydee on

    Is it alright if I tweet about this blog post?

  2. an Mot tester on

    Apologies missed your comment, but feel free to tweet and link to it.

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