Corrosion, do look a gift horse in the mouth.

The lad who is my assistant for Mots on saturdays was given a vehicle for him to “do up”, so just to check it over it came in and onto the ramp. the immediately obvious visible things on the topside checked out ok, then we raised  the ramp to inspect the underside which is when things became rather different.

Corrosion of brake pipes at the rear

Further forward

Also around suspension components, at the front suspension arm

Outer sill and inner sill by the front of the rear spring

At the rear of the rear spring at the rear crossmember.

At this point it became obvious that the vehicle was beyond economical repair and beyond his current skills.
Normally I would have checked the brakes in the roller brake tester but owing to the hole at the front suspension mounting, this was not carried out in order to prevent damage making the vehicle immobile.


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  1. gary on

    my scenic megane failed the mot today due to two things

    ” nearside (outer sill) suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessivley corroded”

    same for the offside.

    can you give me some clue as to where this corrosion is ?front,back,?

    dont they have to state where? wanted to have a look myself because the car was prev owed by a mechanic,had 6 mnth mot when we bought it and these were not even stated on an advisory, so surely they cant be that bad in such a short time?…can they?

  2. an Mot tester on

    The most common area for corrosion on the outer sill on the scenic models is at the rear of the sill, close to an oval plastic plug. When new the stonechip/underseal on these vehicles is fairly thick and painted, a slight chip in this coating allows water to seep in under the sealant where it causes corrossion unnoticed, holding it’s shape until mot time when finger and thumb pressure is enough to cause the sill to flex and crumble at this point.

    The scenic isn’t the only vehicle to suffer with this corrosion taking place under the manufacturers coating, some BMWs and Mercedes suffer in the same way, what appears to be a small 1″ hole can become in excess of 12″ once the stonechip coating is removed exposing the extent of the corrosion

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