A mixed bag

Vauxhall front coil springs

Had a couple of these this week, both on  astras, the front coils springs break at the bottom end where they sit in the spring seat, not easy to see if you are checking them on the floor for yourself, as the edge of the spring seat obscures your vision of the bottom of the spring, however you can just get your hand in there to feel the bottom of the spring.

With the strut removed a clearer view of the end of the broken spring is available.Corroded brake pipe

Also found on an astra (y reg) the brake pipe from the rear brake compensator to the offside rear brake hose, it isn’t a common fault found on the astra, however after the test I saw the advisory notice (vt32) from last year when it had been advised, if it had been cleaned and treated it would have been a pass and advise this year too. Regular servicing would also have spotted the fault and it would have been cured ahead of the MOT.

Accident damage

A peugeot 307 didn’t even get onto the ramp for test, the customer had kerbed it during the recent icy weather, hadn’t used it for a couple of weeks, then brought it in for a pre mot, moving it in the workshop when driving through the brake tester, there was a sharp bang and steering was lost. Investigation revealed the track rod end had snapped, leaving only one wheel being steered. I hate to think what would have happened if the vehicle had hit a pothole at speed on it’s way to us.


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