Excessive corrosion.

What is excessive corrosion ?

To see what Vosa consider excessive corrosion see http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/htdocs/m3x0c000001.htm and reference to presrribed areas.

· The load bearing parts of the vehicle to which the testable items defined in Sections 2, 3 and 5 of the Inspection Manual are mounted,
· any load bearing or supporting structure or supporting panelling within 30cm of the mounting location.

Sections 2,3 and 5 refer to steering and suspension, braking and seatbelts respectively.

Section 6 http://www.motinfo.gov.uk/htdocs/m3s06000101.htm and Appendix C should also be studied to assess any corrosion in non prescribed areas.
Even with all this information available as testers we can still get it wrong though.

A couple of examples found on a Nissan Micra.

Seatbelt prescribed area.Seen from the underside the inner sill is holed within 30cm of the seatbelt mounting.

Suspension and seatbelt.

Again seen from the underside this corrosion is within 30cm of a suspension component mounting point and the rear seatbelt mounting point.

An example of where a tester has unfortunately got it wrong can be found at  http://www.paulsgoodgarage.co.uk/page11.htm

This again refers to a Micra, I have had several discussions with my local Vehicle Examiner (ministry man) about Micra crossmembers, having seen several examples like this, in each case I have been told to pass and advise as it does not meet the fail criteria in the relevant sections in the testers manual.

I’ve heard others say “it’s dangerous to drive, what if the engine mount breaks away”.  Unfortunately nobody can predict the future. However, when I do come across a Micra like this I pass and advise but add that I consider it dangerous to drive. It seems silly that I cannot fail a dangerous item, but those are the rules that Vosa stipulate we have to abide by.


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