Damaged steering and suspension.

We had to collect a car for mot today, when it arrived on site and before testing the driver explained he’d had difficulty controlling it at any speed above 25mph. Once inspection was begun the reasons became clear.The first sign was both nearside tyres had severe kerbing damage, exposing the cords/plies of the tyre carcase. Spinning the wheels by hand showed both wheels were also severely distorted and fluctuating approximately  2 inches out of line.

Underneath the vehicle the front nearside suspension arm was badly distorted.seen from the front, the upper edge of that arm should look flat.

And looking at the steering on the nearside revealed the severity of the clash with the kerb,That track rod  isn’t supposed to be shaped like a banana.

We haven’t yet heard how the damage occurred, but a guess would be a slide in the snow which we’ve had recently.

What is frightening is  the fact the vehicle was still in day to day use nearly a month after the snow had all but gone, if the problems began then.


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