It’ snow joke.

Being an mot tester in the current cold weather. Start the day snow clearing so you have access to the testing bay and de-ice the drive leading in. Then despite wearing urethane coated gloves, your hands freeze as you check the tyres and wheels, snow drips down your neck as you inspect the underside of the vehicle, and the emissions equipment takes it’s time to start, and diesels take longer to get to the correct operating temperature.

I’m sure here should be an RfR for dripping on the tester somewhere in the manual.

Also the snow has taken it’s toll on the number of tests arriving.

Not that I can blame customers for not venturing out, having seen the result for one customer who ventured out last week . A slide in the snow, has left him with this badly damaged wheel rim

As the vehicle only has a spacesaver for a spare, the wheel and tyre have to be replaced, not cheap.


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