Diesel Emissions

Diesel engined vehicles first registered after 1st August 1979 are subject to a metered smoke test during the MOT. This requires the engine to be revved to the governed maximum speed of the engine up to 6 times.

It is therefore important that you are sure your engine has been regularly serviced and the timing belt (if fitted) has been changed at the recommended interval as failure could cause serious damage to the engine.

If like many people nowadays you are concerned with the fuel economy  of your vehicle, you may very rarely rev the engine very high, if you are this type of person  a run of about 4 miles at over 50% of throttle the night before, may well clear the vehicles lungs and help it through the emissions test. Even if your vehicle is reasonably “young” this will still help.

Below is an instance of a “fast pass”

And below is one that didn’t make the fast pass.

This one didn’t pass the emissions test even after having the full 6 tries.


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