Suspension Bushes

A fairly regular item of failure on some vehicles is an “excessively deteriorated rubber bush allowing excessive movement ” such as this one split_bush1

or this one.split_bushThe arrow is pointing to the split in the centre of the rubber bush, which is allowing the suspension arm to move sideways under load.

You could also come across  “a bush unbonded  allowing excessive movement” such as this example albeit a rather extreme example.unbonded_bush

Often the excessive movement caused by the above faults will lead to excessive tyre wear, particularly on the inner edge of the tyre, on that particular front suspension /wheel location.  Often the first thing the layman thinks is that the tracking needs adjusting.

Below is an example of a tyre worn badly enough to expose the plys or cords of the tyre carcase.


I believe it can be a fine up to £1000 and 3 points on your license (apart from the risk of an accident or blowout)


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