Brake Hoses

Yesterday I had a vehicle in for test with these brake hoses fitted on the front brake calipers.


As you can see the outer rubber sheath had split, exposing the textile reinforcing.  I was unable to undertake the  repair yesterday due to customer imposed time restraints.

Despite explaining  that I considered the vehicle dangerous to drive the customer insisted she had to have the vehicle to take her son to  ??? wherever.  I hate to think of the consequences should she have been required to make an emergency stop.  Fortunately nothing happened between her leaving our test station yesterday and her return for the repairs today.

After showing her the above brake hoses she did say that she wouldn’t have driven had she realised that they were so bad, but she had in the past had to have unnecessary work done elsewhere for an MOT a couple of years ago so was a bit skeptical.

Owing to the length of her service interval indicated by the manufacturer of her vehicle and low annual mileage, she hadn’t had it serviced in the previous 12 months.

This is yet another reason for us  not to go to the continental schedules of 1st mot at 4 yrs and then bi-annually thereafter, these brake hoses could possibly have been on the vehicle for another 12 mths without being spotted.


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