Normal service resumed

Things are back to normal now the bank holiday has passed.

One thing I have noticed recently I seem to be coming across a few broken coil springs lately, such as this one on a 2000/1 Mercedes “A” class.broken coil spring

In this case the spring cup had also broken. Luckily it didn’t slip further down on the mounting as it could have destroyed the tyre and caused a blow out.

I wonder how many springs are broken because of the condition of our roads.

Now I have to have a rant about the standards of the work of some fast fit centres.

A young lady brought her car to us for an Mot, after having 3 tyres fitted, tracking adjusted and front discs and pads fitted. Such a shame they didn’t rectify  the cause of the abnormal tyre wear. Such as the condition of the rubber bush in this suspension arm.

unbonded bush

Apparently they reported it to the young lady and said it probably wouldn’t fail the Mot. So not only did the young lady  have a job done needlessly, but she’d also been lead to believe there were no problems MOT wise.

Once we’d replaced the faulty suspension arm the tracking required readjusting back to where it had been before the fast fit centre’s adjustment.


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